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Your Super World is much better now

Super World tariffs now include Özgür Pass packs to be used in Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, however you want.

As of December 15, 2023, the minute content in the package will not be valid for Türk Telekom.

Terms and Conditions

  • As of December 15, 2023, the minute content in the package will not be valid for Türk Telekom.
  • * Click to get detailed information about Özgür Pass, which includes extra GB’s for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • ** All minutes in tariff can be used for calls to all international lines.
  • *** 1,000 of 10,000 SMS in the tariffs can be used for messaging to all net. 9,000 of 10,000 SMS in the tariffs can be used for messaging to Telsim lines. The SMSs sent to TRNC and TR lines will be priced as 1 SMS, the SMSs sent to the other countries will be priced as 2 SMSs.
  • The prepaid Databol tariffs’ usage period is 30 days.
  • Standard Tariff will be activated after all the data in your tariff is used.
  • When you use your mobile data abroad, this usage will be priced as a roaming.

Other Tariff Features

  • Your package is now including Telsim RedSpot, which provides you wireless internet at the most popular places of Cyprus, without spending your package’s mobile data quota. RedSpot service is provided by Vodafone Evde Operation LTD. Click for more details about RedSpot service including your tariff/package.

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